Flying into a new season


Bethany Bergschneider, Staff Writer

If you’ve ever tried out for something, you probably know it can be stressful. However, sometimes you have to overcome the worries in order to perform to your best ability. The SCV cheerleading squad had tryouts on April 6th, and fourteen people made the team: Lainey Bergschneider, Chloe Leonard, Olivia Fromme, Ashley Harris, Jade Bell, Adia Killebrew, Sydney Tapscott, Jordyn Colwell, Bella Lucas, Bailey Rees, Aiva Lowe, Desi Lyons, Megan Wilson, and Kristi Reece.

At the tryouts, each person had to do a sideline cheer, floor cheer, and a dance–all of which they learned the week of tryouts, along with jumps and tumbling. Juniors Bailey Rees and Olivia Fromme agree about their feelings during the tryouts. “I’m nervous that I’m going to forget it,” says Rees. “I think it makes everyone a little nervous,” adds Lainey Bergschneider, a sophomore.

The team is split closely between returning cheerleaders and newcomers, with eight who cheered last year and six to-be freshmen. Also, there will not be separate JV and varsity teams for next season. Fromme and many other cheerleaders say that a goal for this year is to be able to compete, which means they have to prepare a 2 ½ minute routine that showcases many different skills. This year, the team will attend a camp to help them prepare. Looking forward, they will have two practices a week during the summer until school starts again. Because there are so many routines that need to be perfected, quite a bit of practice time is necessary. Incoming freshman Bella Lucas and Aiva Lowe both used the same word to describe their feelings about the season: excited. Overall, tryouts are just the beginning to what should be a great year for the team.