Run to live, live to run: South County Cross Country

Callie Hughes, Staff Writer

The South County Cross Country team members are heavily regarded as the donut dealers of the school. Every year, these twelve team members wake up at 4:30 A.M. for morning practices, showing their dedication to their sport. The cross country team this year is composed of Tyler Kanganis, Jake Gutzman, Bethany Bergschneider, Kyle Roodhouse, Grant Marshall, Codey Smith, Isabella Borcky, Tayson Neely, Logan Cully, Lainey Bergschneider, Andrew McGath, and Kallen Watson.

According to Mr. Smith, the team members this year are young and have performed well at their meets so far. Out of the meets they have had, three team members have garnered medals including Bethany, Grant, and Jake. The Carrollton meet was a big one for the Vipers as they got second as a team. The team has improved immensely from last season. “Cross country is a tough sport to pick out one person for improvement,” stated Mr. Smith. “Everyone on the team is improving.”

“There is one goal in mind, making it to sectionals as a team or individual,” stated Mr. Smith. This is a goal team has not accomplished for the last few seasons.

Some of the traditions the team takes part in each season include going to Amboy, morning practices, and eating breakfast after the practices. Mr. Smith called these traditions the “big three.” Isabella Borcky added, “A big part of cross country are the bus rides and getting presents for Christmas and Halloween. The Flash-a-thon is where we get donations for the Amboy trip and they pay by how many miles that we run or they can donate.”

This year, the team is getting ready for the Amboy meet that takes place on October 8th. Sophomore Bethany Bergschneider admitted, “It’s a challenge getting used to practices in the mornings, but it can be fun and rewarding on the other end.” Though being in cross country may be a challenge for some, it is a great sport and the team has fun. Grant Marshall said his favorite part of cross country is “racing and competing against other teams.”

Be sure to catch the team running this season and selling donuts in the cafeteria. They are selling a new flavor–pumpkin spice–to welcome the fall season.