• March to Memphis March 28

  • 2019 Franklin Follies: April 13 @ 6:30

  • 2:00 dismissal March 22

  • March 16: HS Baseball vs. Athens

Happy Hallowthanksmas

Leslie Stoeckel, Editor

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As we get back into the months known for the holidays, it’s time to start asking a few questions. What holidays are our favorites? Why do we love these holidays the most? Let’s dig deeper into what makes these people enjoy their favorite holidays.

Both Bethany Bergschneider and Kirsten Wright answered with Christmas. Kyle Jennings’s favorite holiday is the Fourth of July, Zoe Graves’s favorite holiday is Halloween, and Mr. Suits’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Most said family and food was the best parts of their holidays, while Zoe loved Halloween for being able to dress up and get candy. While a few thought of family first when discussing the holiday season, Zoe first thinks of costumes, Mr. Suits thought of turkey, and Kyle’s first thoughts were fireworks and patriotism.

Most enjoyed their favorite holiday the most because it was a time family got together, except for Kyle who said he enjoyed the Fourth of July because it doesn’t have to be family-based and Zoe who likes Halloween for getting to dress up and get candy. Jennings said he gets ready with setting off fireworks and waving the flag, with some answers being decorating, making costumes, or getting gifts for others.

There were many different ways people said they celebrated their holidays, most answering with spending time with family as others said dressing up and scaring children for Halloween, shooting off fireworks for the Fourth of July, and watching football for Thanksgiving. One answer that never varied was the question of if anybody preferred to be alone for the holidays. Everybody’s fast answer was that holidays, no matter which ones, are best spent with family.

Most people say they wouldn’t change anything about their favorite holidays. However, Zoe and Mr. Suits wish they could make the holidays longer to truly enjoy them, and Jennings wants more fireworks and patriotism.

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Happy Hallowthanksmas