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Gal pals & bromances

Abigale Trout, Staff Writer

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Hubert H. Humphrey once said, “The greatest gift of life is friendship and I have received it.” The meaning of friendship is when someone knows you better than yourself and takes a position in your best interest in the moment of a crisis. Friendship goes beyond just sharing a memories together–it is a lifetime commitment.

 At Franklin there are different groups of friends and each group is unique in its own way. Marcus Richards says that friends he hangs out with the most are Ethan Hansell, Casey Shafer, Joshua Wilson, Kyle Colwell, Luke Bergschneider, Jared Miller, Bailey Rees, and Olivia Fromme. Whenever they are together they usually drive around and have a good time enjoying each other’s company. He believes what makes his friendship unique is that they all have different personalities but they all connect. 

Gabby Read spends her time out of school hanging out with her boyfriend and his friends. When they are together she said that they talk, listen to music, and watch scary movies. Gabby says that what they have in common and what makes them unique is that they’re all funny and have their own sense of humor. 

Kirsten Wright spends her free time in school catching up with Leslie Stoeckel, Miranda Butler, Zoe Graves, and Isabella Borcky. When they are together they goof off, laugh, watch vines, and talk about how their day is going. What makes Kirsten and her friends unique is the mix of different people and personalities, which means they have a variety of interests in one group.


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Gal pals & bromances