Meeting the new administration

Bethany Bergschneider, Editor

This has been a year of change for Franklin CUSD 1. Not only do we have a new school building, we also have three new administrators: Mr. Simonson, the interim superintendent; Mrs. Willman, the new Pre-K-5 principal; and Mr. Waggener, the junior high and high school principal.

Both Mr. Waggener and Mrs. Willman have plenty of experience in education. Mrs. Willman has worked as a teacher and principal for more than eighteen years. Mr. Waggener did his student teaching at Franklin in 1982 and has worked as a teacher and principal at Jacksonville, Chatham Glenwood, and Camp Point Central.

When changing school districts, there’s always learning to do and new experience to be had. “I enjoy the teachers and the staff here, and the kids have been fun. It’s always kind of exciting to learn a new community,” says Mr. Waggener.

Mrs. Willman agrees. “Getting to know the kids and the staff is always the best part for me.”

With changes come new opportunities, as both principals are looking forward to making FHS the best it can be. “I know the board is interested in bringing more people into the community, so we want to improve our academic standards as much as we can to draw other students and families to the district,” says Mr. Waggener. “My main goal for everybody, is that academically, they’re moving forward, making progress,” says Mrs. Willman.