Mr. Nelson growing into a new school


Kyle Jennings, Staff Writer

Mr. Nelson is quickly becoming one of the favorite teachers in the school. He teaches all of the Ag classes, is an adviser for FFA, and has a love for agriculture that he wants to share with others. His hometown of Altona is about the size of Franklin and he attended Rowva High school until his graduation in 2014; this school is a combination of five towns into one school district.

At Rowva, Mr. Nelson became interested in teaching Ag because of his “laid-back” Ag teacher in high school. He was also interested in Ag because he lived on a family farm and has always been connected to agriculture. When Mr. Nelson took the job as the new Ag teacher in Franklin, he expected pushback from students and teachers because of the size of the community and the influence that Mr. Morris has had in his time here. However, he noted that he has not experienced the pushback he had expected.

Mr. Nelson admitted that he believes his students enjoy him as a new, young teacher that they can relate to. One of the many things Mr. Nelson likes to do to connect with his students is play basketball with the students at lunch. Blake Henke thinks Mr. Nelson is “a pretty chill and nice guy,” while Bethany Bergschneider thinks Mr. Nelson is “funny and a good teacher. He’s got a lot of great ideas.”

Sports has been one of his hobbies for his entire life. He really enjoys basketball and spends a lot of his time watching or playing it. When coming into Franklin he wanted to get more students interested in Ag. Specifically, he wants students to realize that Ag isn’t only for farm kids and that anyone can do it. Mr.Nelson wants the best for his students, but values respect from his students more than anything.

Mr. Nelson is beginning a new chapter in the Franklin High School story and in his new career.