Keeping an ‘ion’ science club


Mrs. Willhite gets ready to set off the chemical reaction during the science club meeting on Oct. 22.

Bethany Bergschneider, Editor

Blowing up pumpkins, eating water bottles, and making lava lamps: what do these things have in common? Actually, they’re all activities that Mrs. Willhite plans to do with science club this year.

“Science club is just a way for students that like science or have an interest in science to be able to see that science is fun, and it’s exciting, and you can learn new things every day,” says Mrs. Willhite. “I just like being able to give students my knowledge, and hopefully they’ll love science as much as me, and they’ll want to go on to do something in the science fields.”

Mrs. Willhite’s vision for science club is already starting to be reflected through her students. “I’ve always thought that science was, for me, a boring subject, but…I think it would be really cool to do labs that are more interactive,” says sophomore Miranda Butler. “I’m really excited to see what we get to do.”

Blake Henke agrees, saying that he’s looking forward to having fun with his friends and blowing things up, although he doesn’t think he’s going to “get any of the merch, no offense.”

As for his motivation for participating in science club, Jadon Harris is looking further into his future. “It’s one of my interests; it’s what I want to go into in college.” He says he’s hoping to do cool experiments and get to know his classmates better.

“I was in science club when I was in Edinburg, and I really liked it, so I wanted to join again,” says senior Caly Davidson. “I’m definitely looking forward to Mrs. Willhite being interesting and having interesting stuff to do.”

Science club isn’t just for those who love science already. As Mrs. Willhite explained it, “Some people get scared by science because they think it’s hard, or they don’t connect with it, or they don’t understand it. Science club is  a way to show students that you can love science, and I will make you love science!”

The fun started Monday during homeroom, and there may or may not have been a vegetable explosion.