Y’all need science


Kyle Jennings, Staff Writer

Mrs. Davenport has been the junior high and high school teacher since August of 2007. Since then, she has tried to let students know that science surrounds us at all times. She tries her best to make students interested in science and explore the endless possibilities with it.

Mrs. Davenport was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. That is where her love of science grew and it became clear that that’s what she wanted to do after college. After graduating from Louisiana State University, Mrs.  Davenport taught at her old elementary school in Baton Rouge. Mrs. Davenport moved to Illinois from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, shortly after.

The process of moving into a new culture and environment was hard, especially “going from not having to have a coat to learning how to drive.” Something that was still the same was the people–“[they] were still really nice and helpful.” Still, the new weather and culture threw her teaching off at first. “Having to now plan experiments and labs [based] on the weather [and then] going from teaching about hurricanes to tornadoes was definitely a change.”

She tries her hardest to try to get students to realize that science isn’t just a boring class, but it is a class where you should be able to have fun and learn at the same time. She tries to fuse normal teaching with many different and fun labs, such as making different colors of fire with her general science class or making an egg survive a fall with only newspaper, tape, and straws with her eighth grade class. She also tries to mix her hobby of baking with teaching by baking muffins, cookies, or anything that can make a representation of the lesson she is teaching.

Leslie Stoeckel, Mrs. Davenport’s teacher assistant, said, “She’s great, A+, 10/10, would TA for again.” Most people can agree with Leslie and have good memories from her class.