Championship thoughts

Callie Hughes, Sports Writer

In the past two years, Franklin scholastic bowl has had great success. Now sophomores, Bethany Bergschneider, Madden Delaney, Kyle Jennings, and Callie Hughes, first led the Flashes to an MSM conference championship and IHSA regional championship their 8th grade year. Such a feat had not happened in the team’s recent memory.

Last year the Flashes took the MSM  for high school under the leadership of senior, Dwight Nichols and junior, Jared Miller. The freshmen, though, were key factors in the win. “Top scorers from last year on the team this year are Jared, Bethany, Madden, and Callie–all of which who play varsity,” Ms. Scannell explained.

Their road to wins was tough, but the Flashes are back and ready to take on whomever is in their path. The loss of Dwight has made one player, Madden Delaney, a little more skeptical about this season. “I expect us to take a hit because we lost Dwight. He knew a lot about politics and current events. We have lots of new players, though.”

Speaking of new things and people, a new buzzer system was graciously donated by the school. The old system was in such bad condition the school decided to replace them. The new system is better because they are wireless and less of a pain to set up. Other new additions are the two co-captains, Bethany Bergschneider and Jared Miller; the two will be splitting match duties. “A good captain is key,” stated Madden Delaney. “They have to be able to listen to all players and come up with answers on the spot.”

New players who have added some help this year are Ben Graham, Kyle Roodhouse, and Corbin Fusselman. Everyone else that was on the team is back from last year–besides Dwight.

The team thinks that New Berlin and Springfield Lutheran might be some of the toughest matches this year. Last year, the team beat Springfield  Lutheran for the MSM conference championship. As always, though, Waverly is a tough match. The towns are close rivals. “Springfield Lutheran and Waverly — matches against Waverly always get competitive. Springfield Lutheran is an obvious key matchup because of the conference,” said Ms. Scannell, the team’s coach talking about some tough matchups.

The Flashes stormed into their first match which took place on November 15. They played A-C Central and Raymond Lincolnwood.

Lastly, the fortune cookie could be slated in another match. Perhaps maybe against Springfield Lutheran. “It’s in the binder, so it can definitely make a cameo,” Ms. Scannell said.