Deck the halls (but not quite yet)

Leslie Stoeckel, Editor

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With Halloween done and past us now, it seems like a nice time to get into the spirit for another holiday. Thanksgiving is the next holiday we should be celebrating, of course. It’s far too early for Christmas now. While most of us can agree that Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is a great song, perhaps now isn’t the time to be playing it wherever you go. 

It’s easy to say that big stores are the best at getting ready too early. It’s almost like they are never taken down and the jolly holiday overshadows those yet to come. This can easily be said as most stores had Christmas decorations up not even a week before Halloween. Some people can also be seen doing the same, getting the ghosts and bats down to quickly replace them with lights and trees. It can aggravate even those who enjoy Christmas for how quickly everybody gives in to decorating over taking the time to settle down and remember Thanksgiving. “It still feels like a holiday to me, but it doesn’t seem like it with how soon other people get ready for Christmas,” explained Dawn Phillips.

Maybe there are some better times to get ready for Christmas. Maybe a week before the holiday like we do for Thanksgiving, or at the start of the actual month it’s in and after any other holidays before it. Even Dawn Phillips and Kim Allen agree around the start of December or after Thanksgiving are better times to get ready for Christmas than before Halloween.

Maybe it’s about time for Santa to pack up and go ho-ho-home until we’re done with Thanksgiving and November has lasted all of its thirty days.