Old memories coming back

Taylor Knifley, Staff Writer

Every child has a favorite movie from childhood that leaves a positive mark on his or her life. In the past year they have made sequels to old Disney movies. For example, there is the first animated “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” that came out in 1966 and the live action version that came out in 2000. On the November 9, 2018, another animated “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” came out. It already has a 92% rating from IMDB. Also the first “Incredibles” came out in 2004 and they made another “Incredibles 2” that came out on June 15, 2018.

Kaylee Ford and Jackson Smith both want to see the new Grinch because it is their favorite Christmas movie; they also want to see the second “Incredibles” because they enjoyed the first one. Different from the other two, Madden doesn’t really prefer the Grinch and never has but she does want to see the second “Incredibles.”

With childhood movies, sometimes we “grow out of them.” With age some people think movies like these are childish and find it difficult to enjoy them like they used to. Still, all three of the students enjoy their childhood movies to this day. They feel the movies are easy to watch, educational, and always have a good ending.

Jackson Smith’s favorite childhood movie is “Shrek.” The first “Shrek” came out in 2001, followed by three others. Smith’s favorite thing about the movie is that everything always ended up good for Shrek, showing even if things start out bad they could always have a good outcome.

Madden Delaney enjoys the movie “Mulan.” Disney did make a second “Mulan,” but Madden doesn’t believe it is good. Delaney enjoys to watch “Mulan” with her older sister, Killian Delaney, and their mom.

Kaylee Ford, freshman, loves “Hannah Montana: The Movie.” Hannah Montana has also made a very popular television series that first aired in 2006. Ford wishes there was second movie because the first one was just so good. Ford also used to dress up as Hannah Montana because she wanted to be just like her.