‘Waite’ for it


Kyle Jennings, Staff Writer

Mr. Waite has been teaching history in Franklin for seventeen years and in those years he has made students laugh and learn history they normally wouldn’t know through his energetic and interesting lessons. He wants his students to never stop learning and tries to let students know history is all around them.

Mr. Waite grew up in Quincy and graduated from Carthage High School,where he loved to read and play baseball. It was in school where his love for history started. Books made him more interested in history than any other subject–mainly the American Civil War. When he started teaching in Franklin he thought of it as a small rural town similar to where he grew up.

Students from many different grades all say the way he teaches is similar to a performance. Jadon Harris said,“It’s almost a small form of acting.” Students can go into his classroom and learn something new everyday. You can see Mr. Waite’s love for history through his enthusiastic lessons. He changes his teaching style when new tech makes it easier for students, but he still doesn’t lose his enthusiasm for history. Ben Graham said, “You can tell he likes what he teaches.” Students have all described him as a nice, smart guy who clearly likes what he’s doing. Codey Smith said, “He’s a real nice guy and the way he teaches is fun.” He doesn’t only make students laugh in class but has been an active sponsor of many classes.

Throughout his many years of teaching, he been a coach for girls basketball and junior high track in 2001. He has also sponsored three classes with the last class graduating in 2016. Students enjoy talking to him about baseball, vehicles, or history because of his vast knowledge about them.

For years Mr. Waite has taught students that history is all around them. Students have a good time in his class listening to him teach history and relating it back to the students such as explaining how history doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes. Anyone can enter Mr. Waite’s class and always come out knowing something they previously did not and that’s why Mr.Waite’s classes are so memorable.