Franklin’s cherry blossom


Hannah usually spends her time either working or going to school, but one passion she has is learning a new language. Hannah started teaching herself Japanese a year ago and has loved it and wanted to pursue more ever since. Her love for learning other languages stems from the movies, shows, music, and culture associated with each language. 

Hannah has loved this so much she has decided to make a career out of it, eventually planning to pursue teaching in places like Japan. Learning a new language now in high school will help her to be one step ahead of her plan to make a career out of it. She would like to teach English to students who don’t know how to speak English. Hannah firmly believes that, “Learning one language tends to make it easier to learn another language, so if i decide to go to a different country, I will already have a knowledge of learning a new language as a whole.”

She is interested in learning Japanese because she already knew she would like to live in Japan in her trek across Asia. Hannah chose Japan because she thinks it’s the most logical place to start. She also already had a love for their music and their culture before deciding to move there.

“The difficulty in learning a new language is the time management.” Hannah added that because she’s not in a class she doesn’t have a schedule that forces her to focus on it everyday, so she tends to lose focus sometimes, which can set back her language acquisition and make her feel as if she isn’t getting as far as she’d like. Sometimes she doesn’t teach herself for weeks and it causes her to fall behind. She also believes it’s sometimes harder to teach yourself than to get taught by someone who is an expert in the field.