Beware, Vipers are here!

Isabella Borcky, Staff Writer

The Viper cheerleaders practice extremely hard to get the cheers right to help cheer on the boys. Chloe Leonard said they practice about 2-3 times a week if they have a game. If they don’t have a game, however, they practice everyday that week other than Saturday and Sunday.

They have a lot of cheers to choose from. They practice for their competition cheer every Wednesday. Debbie Sprague comes in and help them with the their competition routine.

In order to build rapport, the team gets together and does things outside of practice and games. These team-building activities include eating after practice and hanging out as a team. The team will get together and go out shopping or have sleepovers.

Currently, according to Megan Wilson, the team has about 30 cheers ready. “Jr High Cheer leading is was easier than high school cheer leading. You have to practice a lot harder and learn things faster,” said Wilson.

Sydney Tapscott joined cheer leading because she wanted to be adventurous. “If you’re determined then you can do stuff easier and learn stuff easier. If you can focus on one thing and not get mad at stuff, then even though you mess up a lot, it doesn’t matter.” Tapscott believes cheer leading teaches you teamwork and sportsmanship.