A home away from home…

Abigale Trout, Staff Writer

Going to a school where students are comfortable to talk to the teachers and staff is important. Students often need someone when they are in a tough place in their lives. Going to a small school has its pros and cons. Some benefits include knowing the community, having a personalized experience, smaller class sizes, and more opportunities to be involved. The faculty and students at Franklin High School, simply put, are a family.

Mr. Nelson is the Ag teacher at Franklin and the new FFA adviser. He has only been here for one semester, but he says he loves our school already. He enjoys working at Franklin because we have a small and supportive community. He also has a love for our FFA group. His favorite thing about our school is “how supportive our staff and students are with one another” and that we are “close-knit, because we seem like a family and are very welcoming to the new faculty and students.” Even though he has only been here for a semester, his favorite memory so far has been getting fifth place at the John Woods livestock competition. There were forty teams that competed that day.

Mr.Waite has been the high school U.S. history/government, consumer education, and civics teacher at Franklin since 2001. The reason he wanted to get a job at Franklin was because he heard they have a good social studies program. His favorite thing about working at Franklin would hands-down have to be how small the classes are, how unique the school is, and being able to have a close relationship with his students. 

The secretary at Franklin, Paula White, has been here for eighteen years. Paula loves our school because everyone knows everyone and we have a great community. “The breaking ground ceremony of the new school has been by far my favorite memory about our school since I started working here,” she said. She has three children that attended Franklin in the past and two grandsons who are currently attending. “The only word I can come close to describing our school is active. There is always something going on at the school or in our community, which is great for the kids surrounding us.”