Red Dead Redemption 2


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Red Dead Redemption 2

Coya Graves, Staff Writer

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The game “Red Dead Redemption 2” has mesmerized the gaming community with its cutting-edge graphics and multitude of tasks and missions. Beginning the game, the player is trekking up a mountain through a blizzard. Not long after that, the player gets to meet the character they are going to play as for the remainder of the main story line–Arthur Morgan.

A member of the Van Der Linde gang influences John Marston, the main character in the first Red Dead Redemption game, to be the man he is in the first game; thanks to Arthur, the player also gets to learn how Marston got the scar on his face.

The gang travels throughout the whole map–except for New Austin, which the player will be able to travel after completing the main story line. The player keeps moving around the map to hide from O’Driscols, the rival gang, and Pinkertons, present-day FBI. They lose a lot of gang members in the process, like Herr Strauss, Lenny, and Hosea.

Zachary Trout, a freshman, loves to hang out around Saint-Denis, a city in the game, to rob and talk to people and get the best horse around. The weapons he prefers to use in the game are a Lancaster Repeater and a revolver because “they do good damage and refill fast.” Arabians are his go-to breed of horse because they are the fastest horses in the game.

Rockstar Games has made yet another thrilling game for its time. They made an online version called Red Dead: Online; however, it is only a Beta version that is updated almost every Thursday. Last Thursday they added in Gun Rush, which is made to be like Fortnite and PubG but added an old-western feeling to it. Rockstar is planning on releasing a full version of Red Dead: Online within one or two years.


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