Lainey McQueen


Bailey Rees, Staff Writer

Lainey spends most of her free time either working, cheering, running, or playing with animals, but one thing that most people do not know about her is she is a race car driver.

She races down a ⅛ mile track in Havana, Illinois. Lainey started racing cars when she was thirteen years old. Her parents love that she races because it runs in the family; her dad supports her the most because he also used to race in his youth. “Family is really important to me because they do so much for me and I know that I wouldn’t be who I am today without them,” Lainey admitted. Lainey specifically spoke of her admiration of her godmother, Carrie. She explained that Carrie always stays positive, even though she has been through a lot and had to overcome it, which has inspired Lainey to be a good person and always encourage other people. 

Lainey’s favorite thing about Franklin is the size of the town and the school. She likes that she knows everyone in her class and feels she can become closer to her peers because of the small size of the school. After she graduates, Lainey wants to go to college to become an anesthesiologist assistant; in addition to this, after graduating college, she wants to continue racing but with a bigger and faster car.

Lainey’s friends are also in admiration of her character. They described her as a good-type-of-loud and a great person to be around. She’s very sweet to everyone that she meets and passionate about race car driving. While they admitted she can be shy in front of strangers, they didn’t hesitate to add that she has a lot of energy, can be goofy, and always tries to make others feel better when they are feeling down.