Out with the old, in with the new

Alexia Christison, Staff Writer

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The smell of change is in the air. Or maybe that’s just the paint? The 2018-2019 school year has brought forth several modifications throughout the building and the new addition. Along with moving the children from the grade school in Alexander to the new addition in Franklin, there have been  new improvements inside of the original building of Franklin Junior/Senior High School. The most prominent change to the building has been the installation of air conditioning. More recently Mahan’s Painting and Roofing has begun painting the main hallway a shade of cadet blue, covering over the much older ivory/cream color.

Along with the renovations to the main hallway, Mrs. Willhite has taken a poll for the women’s bathroom color and has been working towards making the magic happen. Mrs. Willhite is investing her time on this bathroom because she feels that “the girls who use that restroom deserve an updated room” for their personal use. She has spent time between class periods and on her lunch period working on prepping the room for renovations. While conversing about the renovations to the restroom, she expressed that the most difficult and time-consuming part of stripping the room for the new designs was “scraping the wall paper off while explaining to every girl that walked in what I was doing.” The teachers take the upkeep of the school seriously and are working hard to ensure that the building looks up-to-date and as nice as possible for the students, staff, and the general public.

Their hard work is not going unnoticed. Students throughout the building have commented on the new paint job and other renovations taking place in the building. Ethan Hansell expressed that he liked the new paint in the hallway and that “it is a nice color.” The ladies in Franklin High School are excited to have their bathroom updated and are thankful for the ones who are making it happen. Chloe Christison had kind words to say about Mrs. Willhite and her initiative  in the renovations: “I really appreciate you [Mrs. Willhite] taking your day off to make the bathrooms look a lot better for your students and staff. Thank you for taking your time to renovate our bathrooms.” They can’t move mountains in just a single day, but the faculty and staff at Franklin High School are working not just with the children, but for the children, in order to make their experience in the school an improvement visually and academically.