Emmy Treece’s wild life


Taylor Knifley, Staff Writer

Emmy Treece, a freshman at FHS, plays volleyball and enjoys spending time with her animals and friends. Emmy recently played her first high school season of volleyball, which she enjoyed because she likes talking to new people. She also enjoyed mixing with Waverly for new opportunities and personalities that they brought to the team.

This year for volleyball the team got three new coaches, which was a big change for the team. Emmy loved working on the fresh/soph with Coach VanBebber to gain new experience. She plans to play next season and hopes it will be just as fun as the past.

Aside from her love for volleyball, Emmy has a love for animals. To own an exotic animal in Illinois, her parents had to get an approved license from the USDA. Her dad had to go through paperwork to get these animals and get an IED license. For every species there is a different license. Emmy’s dad has had these animals before Emmy and her sister were born–even before he was married to her mom.

At one point, they owned seven animals, whose names were Kit-Kat, Peanut, Kodak, Jeffro, Mary Ann, and Ginger. These were a variety of tigers, lions, bears, emus, and cougars.