‘So no one told you life was gonna be this way…’

Abigale Trout, Staff Writer

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Fictional characters can play an important role in all of our lives and there is usually a reason for our attachment. For example, it might be that someone has a ‘strong character,’ meaning a strong, confident personality, that we are drawn to.

Every year, as new films and television shows come out, we are introduced to new characters. Many people fall in love with a new actor or actress each year, while some may follow each movie or television show that a particular actor or actress plays a part in. 

Mrs. Slaughterback and Mrs. Lancaster both have a love for the show “Friends,” which has six main characters in their twenties/early thirties living off of one another in New York City. Over ten years, their average group of friends goes through family troubles, various romances, fights, laughter, tears, and surprises as they learn the real meaning of friendship.

Mrs. Slaughterback says Monica is who she relates to the most because she always has to have a clean house. According to Mrs. Slaughterback, the perfect day spent with Monica would be drinking coffee at Central Perk and hearing stories of the making of Friends. Mrs. Lancaster says that Phoebe would be who she relates to because she has a free spirit. Mrs. Lancaster’s favorite scene with Phoebe would be when she performs ‘Smelly Cat.’ She has enjoyed watching this role since she was a teenager.

Mrs. Willhite enjoys the character Edna from “The Incredibles,” which was released in 2004. She believes she is like this character because of her ‘sassiness’ and the fact that she will not settle for anything but perfection. “My favorite scene was whenever Edna was designing Mr. Incredible’s torn uniform.”