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Isabella Borcky, Staff Writer

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In Franklin, it seems to be that basketball is the most popular sport for the Vipers, but not far behind is volleyball. Still, both sports bring a big crowd, with the biggest show of support on nights like Dig Pink, Red Night Out, and Homecoming. All three events are special for the school districts in some way. The Dig Pink game is where we raise money for those fighting cancer and show our support for survivors, the Red Night Out game is put on for Jared’s Keepers Club to raise awareness about suicide and prevention, and the Homecoming game helps to raise school spirit among students, faculty/staff, and community members. In fact, basketball is so important to our community that we wait to have our Homecoming dance until basketball season.

Kyle Colwell, a regular attendant of Vipers games, feels proud to be a part of the South County Vipers. He also said it feels honorable to wear the Viper’s jersey. His favorite sport to watch is basketball, which he thinks is the most popular sport at our school.

Mollie Allen, an involved member of the Franklin community, said she always watched her cousins play sports when she was little and thought it was “the coolest thing ever.” Allen also said it feels pretty awesome to wear the Viper’s Jersey. Like Colwell, her favorite sport to watch is basketball as well; however, I asked her what sport she thinks is the biggest, and unlike Colwell, she believes it is volleyball because of the large number of girls participating on the team.

Even though our students are clearly proud to represent the Vipers, both Colwell and Allen agreed that we need to work on our school spirit. Colwell even commented, “New Berlin is kicking our butts in that [school spirit].” One way to increase school spirit would be with higher attendance at games–all schedules can be found on the school website.