Out of sight, out of mind

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Out of sight, out of mind

Kyle Jennings, Staff Writer

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“Bird Box” is a movie that received international fame in a short amount of time. Netflix released this movie on December 13, 2018. The movie revolves around its characters trying to stay alive after an unseen entity begins to cause people to commit suicide by just looking at it. “Bird Box” is based on a book with the same title written by Josh Malerman in 2014.

“Bird Box” centers around Malorie Hayes, played by Sandra Bullock, a pregnant painter that disconnected herself from her family, aside from her sister Jessica, played by Sarah Paulson. They hear of a virus that is causing people to go crazy and commit suicide; however, some of the infected were saved and tasked with making people look at the virus.

After some time in a house the characters take shelter in, most are slowly killed off or run away. Malorie and Olympia, another pregnant woman in the house, have their babies, but shortly after a man infected by the demons helps to infect the remaining members of the house, leaving only Malorie, Tom, and the kids, named Boy and Girl.

The movie jumps five years into the future where Malorie, Tom, Boy, and Girl learn of a safe haven in the woods down the river. While Tom doesn’t survive to make the trip on the river, Malorie braves the dangers with the kids. On the river, Malorie fights through impossible obstacles, such as losing all the blankets that are keeping them warm, killing a crazed infected man, and crashing the boat. Still, Malorie and the kids reach the safe-haven, which is a school for the blind. The movie is about the struggle for survival on the surface, but also about a woman who had given up on living a normal life and then gets another chance and discovers meaning in an impossible situation.

Bird Box took social media by storm by introducing the Bird Box challenge, where people blindfold themselves for 24 hours. In some cases, people have sustained serious injuries; for example, a teen from Utah crashed a car while attempting the challenge. Critics, such as Rotten Tomato, scored the movie just average, with only a 63%. In comparison, Marvel’s Infinity War scored an 84%. Metacritic scored the movie a 51 out of 100, and Infinity War received a 68 out of 100 on their site. Empire gave Bird Box a 3 out of 5.

The main complaints are that “Bird Box” leaves out key parts of the movie. Common questions include: How did they escape the city? How do the people at the school get supplies? “Bird Box” introduces a new idea into the horror world with an unseen, unheard villain that nothing can stop. 

Would you be able to survive?


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