Celebrating blue and gold: Franklin’s FFA week

Bethany Bergschneider, Editor

Spirit weeks are a high school staple. Although they vary depending on the school, they usually include similar themes and events. It’s pretty safe to assume, however, that most won’t include encouraging students to operate heavy machinery.

Think again. FFA week, which happened at FHS from February 18-23, was certainly something new, with activities including Hat Day, Farmer Day, Pick a Side Day, and, of course, Drive Your Tractor to School Day.

For Mr. Nelson, the ag teacher and FFA sponsor, FFA week is familiar. It was a popular event both at his high school and the school where he student-taught. “We did a bunch of activities like we’re going to do [here]. Drive Your Tractor to School Day was a big hit.”

Franklin and Waverly students experienced the fun for the first time this year. “I’m guessing it’s something Mr. Morris used to do, but it hasn’t been done recently, and it’ll be fun to have a spirit week, especially since we didn’t have much of a homecoming week.”

FFA week isn’t just a fun, local event or an excuse to have a cool ride to school. It’s actually a national event that is celebrated all over the U.S. on a national, state, and chapter level. “I would say the goal of FFA week is to try to reach out to some kids that aren’t in an ag class or in FFA, get them to join, and show them the possibilities. It’s also for the FFA members who do a lot of stuff. It gives them a reward for working hard,” says Mr. Nelson.

Hard work is right. So far, the Franklin FFA has seen success at many different events. “We did very well with livestock judging at John Wood Community College. We got top five out of a very competitive competition.” The team also received fourth place at meats judging, second place at the ag sales contest, and has a strong team going into the ag mechanics competition later this spring. “We’ve had fairly good success and we look forward to continuing that and getting better next year,” says Mr. Nelson.

Some FFA members are simply looking forward to celebrating the organization and having some fun. Junior, Ethan Hansell says he’s most excited for Farmer Day. Jackson Smith, junior, is most excited for Pick Your Side day, when students are encouraged to pick either Ford or Chevy and John Deere or Case. “I can’t wait to hear how much crap everyone is going to talk on that day,” Smith said.

Freshman, Cody Spencer is getting an early start on the rivalry. The day he’s looking forward to the most is also Pick Your Side Day, “because Chevy is superior over Ford.”