‘Dig-ing’ into Bella’s life


Taylor Knifley, Staff Writer

Isabella (Bella) enjoys playing volleyball for the South County Vipers. Bella and the rest of the team had to work hard with practices over the summer and during the school year. “The hardest part had to be the 7 hour practices and working with the Waverly people when you don’t really know them.”

Being a volleyball player comes with many responsibilities. All players know they have to improve on something. “I definitely need to work on being louder and communicating with the other players, I’m a very quiet person.”

Bella is just like many teenagers and has other hobbies besides sports and school. During her free time, Bella likes to draw. Bella has been drawing for about a year or two. “I mostly just stick to pencil sketches and shading.” Bella takes an art class at FHS, so she at least draws every other day, though she noted, “I don’t draw very much at home, just at school.”

During the summer Bella soaks up the sun with her friends. She and her family go on mini vacations instead of big ones. Their small vacations include hiking mostly. Bella has recently turned 16, so she is beginning to work this summer in order to earn her own money.

Bella is not the only kid that is part of the Parrish clan. She also has 2 other younger sisters: Payton Parrish, an 8th grader, and Penelope Parrish, who is 11 months old. She loves begin a big sister, even if it comes with some difficulties–she explained that there is never a dull moment. “Penelope was trying to stick her fingers in the light socket but I wouldn’t let her so she started pulling her hair so she would make herself cry, but then I gave her my phone so she was fine.”

Payton also plays volleyball for our junior high team, so she gets tips from her big sister on improving in the sport. “I mostly just help her with hitting and setting.”