Getting roped up in Ethan’s life


Bailey Rees, Staff Writer

The country life explains Ethan in a few words. Everyday after school he goes to work for Jay Harris with Kyle Colwell. Ethan loves working and spending as much time as he can being outdoors farming or working on vehicles.

Most people don’t know, but he loves showing horses. He goes to many competitions in the summer and spends a lot of time with his horses. His parents and grandparents also showed horses, which is where he developed his love for it.

Ethan has livestock and, other than showing horses, he shows cows and takes care of his and his family’s livestock. “I love feeding my animals and taking care of them because it constantly gives me something to do with my day.” In hunting season, he hunts deer, duck, and squirrels, especially when he can do this with his friends.

When Ethan graduates high school, possibly attending Western Illinois University, he wants to major in criminal justice to later become a conservation officer, whether staying close to Franklin or leaving to work somewhere else. Ethan’s favorite thing about Franklin is how it’s easy to make a bunch a friends and everyone is always there for each other when needed.

One thing Ethan couldn’t live without is his family. They are always there for him and make sure he gets everything he needs. Someone Ethan looks up to is his dad.

His dad has inspired him also with vehicles. If he had to choose to improve something in his life, Ethan would want to have a better vehicle that he could use for any type of environment but would also last him a while. He has recently bought a Jeep for himself that he can use for off-roading.