Super Smash Bros. OWOltimate

Leslie Stoeckel, Editor

Kirby, Link, Mario, and Pikachu represent a few popular Nintendo characters. Luckily for Nintendo fans, they all show up and fight together on the same lineup–with many other popular characters–in one game series: Super Smash Brothers. 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was released on December 7, 2018, after being announced during Nintendo’s E3 presentation on June of the same year. The game reached its own achievements–having the most battle stages, songs, and fighters compared to any other game in the series. Other things the game achieved include finally involving the Metroid series’ main antagonist Ridley, especially after it was said his character model was too big to fit into any other game. The game is even expanding on the large number of fighters it has with characters like Piranha Plant and other newcomers, such as Joker from Persona 5, being announced for release in the Spring, as mentioned in a Nintendo Direct on February 13.

Each fighter is unique in his or her own ways, having at least one stage that relates to the character’s source material and move sets relating to what each character is able to do in those games. Sometimes items come along to be used through battle, whether it be a regular item for battle or other characters coming in as assist trophies. Corbin Fusselman considers Pit from the Kid Icarus series his main fighter while Miranda Butler takes the multiple character approach, preferring Princess Peach, Princess Zelda, and Sheik as her main fighters.

Players can fight on their own against each other or in teams. More options are available if they want to play a timed battle, where the player with the most knock-outs wins the game; stamina battles, where the first to lose all HP loses; or a stock battle, with a set number of lives. Players can even set up their own ideas of custom battle modes. Custom mode is where two players on one team play as Pit and Dark Pit in a 3-stock battle, usually ending up on Palutena’s Temple for the stage. The possibilities for custom battle modes are endless.

In the end, it seems everybody has their own ways to enjoy the game, whether it’s getting a chance to play as their favorite characters, finding new ways to play, or just waiting for new additions.