Caly’s furry other half


Bailey Rees, Staff Writer

Animals are an integral part of Caly’s world. When she is not at school, she is either working at Pet Supplies Plus or taking care of her pet snake, Jaffar, and her dog, Sasha. Sasha is her Chihuahua Yorkie and, as she says, her whole world. Sasha, also referred to as Princess, has been with Caly for a few years now. Ever since Caly got Sasha, she has been with her every day.

Caly describes Sasha as good girl, depending, funny, and her best friend. Sasha is Caly’s registered emotional support animal because when she was younger, she found out she had anxiety and having Sasha has helped her. Caly believes that it is possible to be dependent on animals because they don’t judge you. “Sasha listens to me when I am having a bad day, and when I have a good day she gets excited with me because she knows I am excited.” Caly is nervous for college, because she knows that she will not be able to see Sasha everyday.

Knowing that Sasha will not be going with her to Southern Illinois University Carbondale makes Caly emotional. She knows that for the first few days she might not be able to sleep at night knowing that she will not be able to see Sasha.