Blake’s creative life


Taylor Knifley, Staff Writer

Blake Henke makes his life interesting. Apart from spending time with his four siblings, Henke likes to indulge in his personal hobbies. He does his own drawings, short stories, and plays the piano.

Henke spends some of his free time playing piano. He has been playing for four years now and his skill has continued to grow. “I heard a piano song on YouTube and I wanted to learn how to play,” Henke noted about his start to learning the craft. Henke has come up with three original songs, however, he claims, “I’m no music-making master. If I have a song stuck in my head I just play it on the piano and get it unstuck.” He enjoys this part of the creative process.

Aside from playing the piano, Henke likes to draw and sees it as just another hobby for him to fill in his free time. He likes to express his thoughts through his drawings. “I’m not great, but I’d say I’m pretty good,” he admitted. He has been drawing for five years. Henke began small drawings in 5th grade, and while he continues to draw, he does not specifically draw objects or people but he does sometimes use them in his drawings. “All of my drawings come from my head,” Henke noted, much like his musical inspiration.

Henke also enjoys writing short stories and poems, which he can currently feature in his creative writing course. He finds inspiration for these stories in the same way he does for his music and art–from his own mind.