Riding the rainbow to change

Alexia Christison, Staff Writer

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Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), sponsored by Katie Slaughterback, just wrapped up their first ever trivia night fundraiser for the 2019 after-prom. Mrs. Slaughterback is proactive in the school and took on the task of orchestrating this trivia night for the high school students. “Trivia nights are usually a big money maker and we have been trying to raise money for after prom in a fun way for adults, rather than buying stuff for a fundraiser such as candy,” Mrs. Slaughterback said. Hamilton’s donated food for the individuals who attended the event and the students involved in SADD brought food for the teams to snack on during the event.

A silent auction also served as another source of revenue for the club. Some of the items auctioned off included:

  • Cubs tickets – Donated by one of Mrs. Slaughterback’s college friends
  • Cardinals tickets – Donated by Brandt
  • Essential oils basket – Donated by Erin Courier
  • Pamper bundle with hair products – Donated by Shannon White
  • Homemade wooden bowl – Donated by Mrs. Slaughterback’s grandfather

After the night was over, Mrs. Slaughterback  informed me that the trivia night brought in $1,670 off of the event and silent auction. “The SADD members, the juniors and seniors that attend after prom, and myself are very grateful to those who came and we hope to continue having the community’s support in the coming years.”

The freshman class, sponsored by Amy Lancaster, is going to be finishing out the month with their adult prom on March 30. All individuals from the Franklin community and surrounding communities are welcome to attend this event. Mrs. Lancaster and the students in the freshmen class are excited for this event because it benefits their class in a large way. “The money is being used to fund the freshman class senior trip,” Mrs. Lancaster said. “Last year Tonya Crow had gone dress shopping with Megan and put on a dress and said, ‘We should have an adult prom.’ And the idea grew from there.” This was a story of a dream that has been transformed into reality that could become something significant in the school and the community.

“We’re having freshman sell tickets to earn points for senior trip, posters are hanging up around town, and there’s a flier on the Facebook page. So far the responses have been pretty good. Our idea of it is it’s the first year trying something like this so we’re going to see where it goes and hopefully learn from it for next year,” Mrs. Lancaster said. This is an addition to the fundraising ideas that will shake things up in the community and will give adults the opportunity to participate and give assistance to the classes to make their high school years one that they will remember for years to come.

These have been exciting additions to the Franklin school fundraising activities that allow the community to stay involved in more exciting ways than before. The school is a significant part of the town and by keeping things new and fresh in fundraising the community will stay more involved and allow for the students to continue to create memories through these invaluable experiences.