Hero squad saving up for a cure

Leslie Stoeckel, Editor

With the weather starting to lighten up, a new school-wide fundraiser has come along. For two weeks, the junior high and high school are competing to see who can raise the most money for Pennies for Patients. With more rewards up for grabs, the students are battling it out to see who can raise the most money to help fund a cure for cancer.

Pennies for Patients is a fundraising program led by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and their goal is to help people around the world beat their fight against cancer by funding the search for a cure. The program is usually just a week long, but it is encouraged for schools to set their own deadlines. LLS provides anything the school needs for the fundraiser at no cost, making sure the schools that participate don’t have to find the funds just to set up.

Despite the name, all forms of currency are accepted. The theme is to try to be a hero, encouraging others to join the hero squad and donate anything they can find. Compared to other events the school has held over the years, this fundraiser provides more prizes for those who participate. The top class from junior high gets to make a choice about which teacher they want to kiss a pig, the top class from high school gets a pass for an early homeroom release, and the class who raises the most money overall gets a pasta party from Olive Garden. 

As of Thursday morning, March 21, the junior high and high school students have raised a total of $500. The school is continuing the campaign through the remainder of this week.

Consider making your mark in the hero squad today and help donate so those struggling with cancer can get the gift of a full life.