Running through Grant’s life

Bailey Rees, Staff Writer

Grant spends most of his time either with his family, friends, or participating in sports, like basketball or cross country. Grant is interested in anything that involves physical activity and allows him to work with his family or friends to better himself. On his off-season from basketball and cross country, Grant loves to work out with his dad.

Grant is most passionate about sports, specifically cross country. He loves to run and be able to do a sport to not only push himself to become better, but to be able to do a sport that solely depends on him. “My 3-mile time is 16 minutes and 27 seconds, and I’m working to better it each time.” Grant’s dad pushes him to better himself everyday, and whether they are getting along or not, Grant always looks up to him and loves how he supports him.

Grant doesn’t know what he would do if he did not participate in sports because he has been raised to compete. When he graduates high school, he wants to attend Notre Dame majoring in law enforcement, while also running cross country. “One thing that nobody knows about me is that I love to jump on the trampoline. I enjoy tumbling and bettering my hops for basketball, making me stronger.”