Concealing the insecurities

Leslie Stoeckel, Editor

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Makeup and insecurities–they can go hand-in-hand creating an issue as old as the hills. The make-up industry is aware of this connection. Insecurities are what they thrive on, building up this industry on exactly that.

This old friendship between the makeup industry and the insecurities of women is something that dates back as far as the 1920s, when movies became popular. The makeup industry started to gain in popularity as women saw the products used by the actresses on the silver screen and wanted to look just like them. Maybelline commercials developed popular slogans to market eyeliners and mascara, such as, “Sure, your natural eyes are okay, but you truly look beautiful in Maybelline.” Even today, the slogans appearing in commercials for popular brands, like Maybelline, are a demonstration of how this issue hasn’t changed.

As the industry grows and standards of beauty change, though, beauty companies have to take a new approach because not every woman wants to grab a certain man’s attention or ‘finally’ look beautiful. Recently companies have released commercials claiming that they know women are already beautiful on their own and advertising make-up as a way for people to express themselves.

Despite all of the controversy, people should be able to wear make-up if they choose. For some, wearing makeup isn’t about insecurities but more about self-expression.


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