Forever running


Taylor Knifley, Staff Writer

Brayden Colwell, a freshman at Franklin High School, claims he spends fifty percent of his time running. He participates in track and in previous years he used to run cross country. When Brayden started running cross country, he enjoyed the sport, so he decided to try track. He has stuck with track for four years now and will continue in his future.

“I like to work on things solo and push myself forward,” he explained. Two of the events he competes in are high jump and sprints. “I hope to improve in each of these throughout the years. After high school will be a challenge, but I will work my hardest to continue my track career.” During 7th and 8th grade year, Brayden went to state in high jump. “State definitely was a different experience compared to the rest of the season. High jump is 80-90% mental.” Brayden continues to jump 5’7 and hopes to make it to state again during his junior year.

Anyone who competes in a sport knows that the bonds the teammates form with one another are special. Thad Berschneider and Brayden grew a bond during the track season in which Brayden made it to state. “At state it was raining so I had to do high jump inside but I had no inside shoes. Thad let me borrow his shoes to do my event. I ended up placing 4th and now those shoes are signed by Thad and sitting on my shelf with the metals from state.”

Track isn’t the only sport Brayden competes in–he has played basketball since 6th grade. “Basketball was just a sport I wanted to try and I have just stuck with it. You get to work together and get better together as a group. I like getting to see the Waverly people I don’t see most of the time.”

Brayden doesn’t just work hard in extracurricular activities, but he also has a job. He has been working at Charlie’s ice cream shop in Jacksonville for 3 weeks. “I mostly just do Saturdays and Sundays because I always have track after school.” He doesn’t work with strangers at Charlie’s, however, as other Franklin students work at the shop as well. “When there are other people there working with you, it makes the job a lot easier. It’s easy to get the hang of, especially making the ice cream cones or shakes.”