New sports at FHS?

Callie Hughes, Sports Writer

Can you remember the last time Franklin had a soccer team? No? That’s because we have never had one. In recent years at Franklin, however, there has been growing support for a soccer team. While official talk of a team has seemed to fizzle out, there are students who would still like a team. Sophomore, Taylor Knifley, explained, “I could play with people I don’t normally play with in other sports.”

While there is support for soccer, some students think lacrosse would either be fun to watch or fun to play. “There is always something going on in the game and it looks super exciting,” said Grant Marshall, a supporter of the sport.

Franklin would have many steps to take to approve a new sports team. These steps would include board approval, a budget, community support, transportation, a coach, and enough kids willing to play the sport. Other things the school board would look at are how many athletes would be pulled away from other sports.

In a recent survey conducted by Callie Hughes, 40 students from a mixed group were polled on if they would prefer soccer or lacrosse. These were the results of the poll: 65.7% of students preferred soccer, 32.5% preferred lacrosse, 74.1% would play soccer, and 53.8% would play lacrosse. This poll means 20 students would want to play soccer from Franklin, not counting Waverly students. Lacrosse only would yield 7 students. The results of this poll didn’t account for kids dropping other sports to play soccer or lacrosse.

According to the IHSA website, area 1A teams for soccer include Auburn, Carlinville, Gillespie, Piasa, North Mac, Hillsboro, Springfield Lutheran, Pleasant Plains, and Athens. This provides plenty of competition for the area.

Taking a look at lacrosse, only 7 students said they would want to play if we had a team. Travel could be an issue because most of the teams are from the Chicago, Peoria, and Southern Illinois areas.

Both sports would be beneficial to the school, but soccer seems like it would gain more support. Most students feel it would give them another sport to play. With more supporters coming along, don’t be surprised if soccer starts to take off.


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