Jaden Smith and the Flint Michigan Water Crisis

Alexia Christison, Staff Writer

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The citizens of Flint, Michigan, have been without clean water for five years, since the city switched over from the Detroit River to Flint River for their water supply (Culham, 2019). Shortly after the switch, the citizens saw noticeable changes in their water, such as the coloring, which was yellow-brown and the smell was foul (Bevan, 2019). However, the government ignored the citizens of Flint, Michigan, and their concern for the water (Denchak, 2018). It wasn’t until students at Virginia Tech did a study on almost 300 houses in Flint and noticed the significant problems in the water that caused their skin to rash and itch, followed by hair loss (Denchak, 2018) that people started to take notice. Their studies found that there was a significant level of lead content in the Flint water supply. “Nearly 17 percent of samples registering above the federal ‘action level’ of 15 parts per billion (ppb), the level at which corrective action must be taken. More than 40 percent measured above 5 ppb of lead, which the researchers considered an indication of a ‘very serious’ problem” (Denchak, 2018). The EPA made it clear to the citizens that there is no safe level of lead content that can be in water, so the residents of Flint cannot safely drink this water supply (Denchak, 2018).

There is an unexpected individual who has been helping Flint residents during this water crisis. Jaden Smith and his eco-friendly water bottle company, JUST, have developed a water filtration system for the citizens of Flint, Michigan (Bevan, 2019). They have teamed up with First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church, also located in Flint, and have set the water filtration up in their building for the citizens to use in order to clean their water. This option is available to them once a week at this point (Rogo, 2019). The First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church has provided over five million water bottles to the citizens of Flint, Michigan, since the crisis began in 2014, but sadly the number of donations has plummeted (Nafso, 2019). With the help of Jaden, his company JUST, and the First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church, the citizens of Flint, Michigan, have finally received a temporary fix for clean water until the pipes of Flint are fully restored.


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