May the “fun” be with you!

Taylor Knifley, Staff Writer

FHS is hosting the 7th Annual Field Day on May 10, 2019. The theme this year is Star Wars. Mrs. Slaughterback, the physical education, health, and driver’s education teacher at Franklin, has been putting this day of fun together since 2012.

The school has had many inflatables along with outside water games. “There will be laser tag again just like the last 4 years,” Mrs. Slaughterback revealed. Last year the students did a scavenger hunt to find teachers. This year they will have a similar scavenger hunt inside the school and outside on school grounds. Along with laser tag and the scavenger hunt, there will be many other games. However, Mrs. Slaughterback admitted, “I don’t like to share that info. I like the element of surprise.” For Field Day in the past, we have had matching t-shirts with specific colors to represent and unite each team. This year Mrs. Slaughterback is trying something different by having all the t-shirts printed in the same color but different colored bandannas to represent each team.

The students enjoy the games and spending the day away from school work. Mollie Allen is one of the many students that loves Field Day. “I like that everyone that day is not stressed out about homework and just wants to have a good time.” When the students reach 6th grade, they get to join the Field Day fun. “I think it’s a lot more fun now. I am bigger, stronger, and a lot better at the games now than I was in Jr. High,” Mollie said.

Mollie isn’t the only student who enjoys Field Day–Olivia Treece also loves when Field Day comes around. “Field Day has gotten better throughout the years, since when you get older you can do more of the games better. My favorite theme was Hunger Games.” Chloe Leonard shares the same feelings, confessing, “I really like eating Popsicles and going on the blow ups. Hanging out with people you don’t usually see in your classes is really fun.”