The Ransom of Emily Jane

Bailey Rees, Staff Writer

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Franklin started a drama class this year led by Mrs. Bergschneider. She knew that when the co-op happened with sports, fewer people were going to be participating in the plays and the program may eventually dwindle. When the teachers were asked if they would teach electives, Mrs. Bergschneider decided she wanted to bring the class back. She knew in the beginning that because this was a new class it was going to be hard to plan for. What helped the process is all the time Mrs. Bergschneider spent over the summer preparing for the course. She also made sure to take student input into account. 

There was a lot of work put into this play this year because it’s not like the other years where students had a teacher that had past materials to pull from, like scripts and costumes from other plays. One of the main struggles for the students was memorizing scripts in time for the play. The class also had to make all the props from scratch on their own time. The students have learned a lot about acting throughout the play, like staying in character and projecting for the audience.

Mrs. Bergschneider does hope to have another play like this next year and later, when her children are older, be able to expand. She also hopes to make drama class available to other students who did not have room in their schedule for the class this year.