A princess walk into Zoe Graves’s life

Isabella Borcky, Staff Writer

Zoe Graves loves animals. She has three dogs and two cats, and she is planning on getting two more kittens. Zoe is in the Science Club, Drama, SADD, and FFA. She, and the rest of the students in Drama Club, are performing a play for the little kids on May 6, 2019. When she has free time, she loves to hang out with her friends and watch her favorite shows on Netflix.

She is the youngest in her family, with two brothers and one sister who all attended or are still attending FHS. She is going to CACC next year for welding, which is the job career she is interested in beyond high school. Zoe is a hard-working student, making sure her homework is in on time.

Zoe used to be involved in volleyball and cheer, but because she has problems with her back and her ankle she couldn’t play this year; still, she is determined that that is not going to stop her from trying out for the volleyball team next year.

Zoe also loves performing in pageants. She has been in the pageants that are held on every July 3rd since 2010. She won Franklin Little Miss in 2010 and won Franklin’s Jr. Miss in 2016. She is going to try to win Miss Franklin 2019 at this year’s pageant. Zoe believes, “With the support of my friends and family I think I can win.”