Fishing for facts about Evan

Kyle Jennings, Staff Writer

Evan Hansell’s life revolves around the outdoors–all of his hobbies and interests include being outside and with animals. Evan first came to Franklin at the beginning of the 2017 school year with his two brothers, Ethan and Eli. Ethan has made a big impact on his brother’s life. Evan explained, “He helped me be more social and make new friends.” Evan also discovered his love for hunting and finishing with his brother when he would take Evan hunting when he was younger because he was not able to go by himself.

Evan first attended Jacksonville Middle School until his eighth-grade year before moving to Franklin. He recalls JMS being a lot bigger than Franklin and having a lot more friend groups. He enjoys Franklin more because of the small class sizes and having just one big friend group where everyone gets along rather than small groups where people don’t know each other that well.

Evan’s love for the outdoors began when he was young and grew over time, especially after he moved onto a farm and started raising livestock and horses. He started hunting and fishing more, and he even joined the Franklin High School bass fishing team because of his love for fishing. He has always liked to fish, saying it’s calming and relaxing, which helps to relieve a lot of stress. Evan feels that joining the bass fishing team will help him represent his school well while using the skill he built up over multiple years. His season is almost over and he has made a lot of great memories with his friends.

Evan plans on going to college in his future, although he does not know which college he’d like to attend. He knows he wants to be an Illinois State Trooper like his father: “I see the way he helps people and it has inspired me to want to be just like him and help whoever I can.”