This is it…

Abigale Trout, Staff Writer

Senior year is a year of lasts. It is a year full of final high school dances, sporting events, and a promise for new adventures upon graduation.

Seniors have known the people they go to school with for years and they’ve made countless memories with one another. As they approach the beginning of May, many seniors start to realize it is all coming to an end–the people they spend each day with will embark on another adventure that may or may not include their peers. Freshmen are always told that their high school career is going to pass quickly, but it is difficult to understand how quickly time goes until the moments before graduation.

The senior class at Franklin High School has made many memories with one another since they first started school together. From going to field trips in grade school to going to Memphis, Tennessee, in eighth grade to now getting ready to attend our last trip together to the Lake of the Ozarks on May 20-23. Our last memories will be made together as a class during this trip.

Special. Unforgettable. Interesting. Family. These words represent how the senior class views themselves. Marcus Richards and Luke Bergschneider, two members of the senior class, say that the hardest part of graduating will be leaving their friends. The highlight of this year, according to Joshua Wilson, was being able to spend these last two years going to CACC and doing what he loves–welding. “If you have the opportunity to take a course at CACC, I highly recommend it,” says Joshua.