A playful new project


Taylor Knifley , Staff Writer

Last year, the Franklin school district added on a building for the 3rd-5th grade and teachers. After moving to this location, the kids had no playground to enjoy. Mrs. Willman, our new elementary principal, got a committee together to look at structures and different companies for the playground.

“After we picked out the structure we played around with colors,” Mrs. Willman explained. The playground originally was supposed to be installed last July, but the location changed. Luckily, there was a house next to the new school building that went up for sale. “I took the committee and went and asked the people that owned the house if we could buy it. But we didn’t want the house, just the land so we asked them to have it bulldozed,” Mrs. Willman said. The house was bulldozed and Franklin officially purchased the property. “After we got a new location we just moved across the sidewalk. It didn’t take long to set up but it was over a year of planning,” Mrs. Willman continued.

The playground isn’t the only new playground addition. Alexander had fairly new swings and spinner bowls that will be brought out of storage and set up. Before any of this can happen, the fence around the property line has to go up. “I’m going to try to get the swings and spinner bowls up this fall,” Mrs. Willman said. Next to the playground/grass area, there is blacktop for parking but there is now a line separating the parking spaces and the space for the kids. On this blacktop area there are games being spray painted on.

One of the school custodians, Stacey Stephenson, has painted many games along with lines for two basketball hoops. “We have four square, hop scotch, and sensory paths,” Mrs. Willman explained. Eventually 3 or 4 more games will be painted onto the black top. The kids will also have the option of a kickball field. However, there won’t be anything permanent done to the kickball field. “We are excited to have all the kids in the community play on it–it is not just for school hours. We want everyone to use it but respect it, of course. We don’t want any kid to feel like they can’t enjoy it,” Mrs. Willman added.