Pig Latin

The secret language of Ayneshay Itewhay (Shayne White)


Callie Hughes, Editor

For Franklin freshman Shayne White, Pig Latin is a way of communicating with his friends or make them laugh. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary online, Pig Latin is defined asjargon that is made by systematic alteration of English (such as ipskay the ointjay for skip the joint). The first known use of Pig Latin was in 1896” (“Pig Latin”). Shayne has a simple way of explaining the language: “Pig Latin is where you put the beginning of the word in the back and add ay: For example, pizza in Pig Latin would be izzapay.” 

Shayne mostly enjoys saying funny phrases in Pig Latin to his other classmates. “The best part about talking in Pig Latin is seeing my classmates and friends reactions when they don’t know what I am saying.” Some of these phrases include, but aren’t limited to: be quiet (ebay uietqay), greetings friends (reetingsgay riendsfay), and can you understand me (ancay ouyay ndersranduay emay). “A lot of words in Pig Latin sound funny and that’s why I like it,” Shayne admits.

Shayne credits Ella Prince for teaching him pig Latin at the Greenhand Conference for FFA. Ella Prince recalled teaching Shayne the new language: “I said a word in Pig Latin and Shayne went ‘What?’ I taught him how to talk and we laughed a lot.” Shayne also learned from Ella for the next few days at school. “Other than Ella introducing me, I am mostly self-taught.” Shayne isn’t fluent completely, as it takes him a while to structure sentences, but he thinks he could be fluent. “If I looked up certain words online and practice a lot that would help me.” 


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