IT…is almost spooky season

Taylor Knifley, Staff Writer

“TIME TO FLOAT!” Three seemingly insignificant words have had a chilling impact on those who ventured out to see the new “IT” sequel. People often get in the Halloween spirit by watching horror movies. One of the new movies for 2019 is “IT: Chapter Two,” the spooky sequel to the well-known original. In 1990, the very first version of “IT” was released. Since 1990, there has been a remake of the original released in 2017.

The sequel has been rated a 6.4/10 on IMDB, but some students at FHS are giving the movie higher marks. “I would rate it an 8. Everyone said it was going to be scary and it was! I enjoyed the anticipation of the scare, knowing something is going to pop out and scare you,” remarked Lainey Bergschneider. Noting its spooky effect, Olivia Treece commented, “I usually enjoy scary movies but not when they give me nightmares.”

Some people can’t watch horror movies unless they are with people. Lainey Bergschnieder didn’t take any chances on going to see it alone. “I watched “IT” with Tayson, Logan, and Isabella. They were definitely more scared than I was,” mentioned Lainey.

The movie starts with the clown (It) taking a little boy by the sewer drains. The story continues with kids trying to kill the clown. In the sequel, these kids have grown up and have to face trouble again. Each movie has been successful with a wide range of ages. The newest “IT” made $37.4 million according to Box Office.


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