There’s been a murder in…Franklin?

Bethany Bergschneider, Editor

Everyone needs money. At FHS, money is especially important for groups who need ways to fund supplies, events, and activities. Because cash doesn’t grow on trees, students and teachers have to find another way to acquire it, and that means fundraising. 

Most students at FHS are involved with fundraising on some level, whether it be class fundraising or events like prom, senior trip, sports, clubs, or a combination thereof. In the past, Franklin has seen all kinds of fundraisers—from asking for donations to selling apparel to hosting babysitting events. This December, though, a fresh idea is coming to FHS—in the form of a violent crime. 

“A murder mystery dinner party is a party, basically. You come in, eat dinner, and get a character card. Sometime during the night, there’s going to be a ‘murder,’ and you have to solve it before the night runs out,” says junior class president Madden Delaney, who is helping to coordinate the event. In a nutshell, it’s dinner and a show combined with an episode of Forensic Files.  “It’s a fun night for people to come out, enjoy some food, and play a little game,” says junior class officer Kyle Jennings.

The biggest difference between a traditional play and this event is that the guests are the actors. “You can either be a character or an investigator. If you get a character sheet, you’re in character the whole time. You have a list of motives, you have a list of alibis, and you’re trying to point the suspicion anywhere but yourself,” Madden explains. 

Murder mystery parties come in many shapes and sizes, with some set up to be small, friendly events, and others intended for large groups of up to 100, as this party is. Parties also have set themes and elaborate plots. This particular party’s theme is Murder in Manhattan, a high-class New York cocktail party. Since the event runs during dinner, appetizers and a spaghetti dinner with a vegan/vegetarian option will be served. 

You can register for the event by contacting Mrs. Willhite at [email protected]. Ticket prices are $20 for one person or $30 for a couple. The party is Saturday, December 14. Registration starts at 5:45. The deadline for tickets is December 2 and none will be sold at the door.