Football? Not at our Thanksgiving!


Taylor Knifley, Staff Writer

The South County girls basketball team will play in the Turkey Tournament on November 22-27 in Waverly. There will be a total of eight teams playing in the tournament from local schools including Auburn, Carrollton, North Greene, Triopia, South Fork, Lutheran, and North Mac. Abby Crow, a senior on the team, explained, “We do get a couple practice nights and it finishes right before Thanksgiving, so we can spend all of that with our families and go Black Friday shopping.” Callie Hughes, Abby Crow, and Mollie Allen all agree that last year’s Turkey Tournament was their favorite, but they are ready to play hard this year. “I’m looking forward to playing competitive teams this season. We have already played some of them this summer, but I think we will clean up our mistakes and make a comeback,” stated Mollie Allen, a junior on the team.

“I like to play in the Turkey Tournament because a lot of the teams we play on our regular-season schedule play in the tournament as well. It gives us a preview of what is to come. Also this year we got ranked a little bit better than last year so we should play hard and go for the championship game,” stated Callie Hughes.

Callie Hughes and Mollie Allen will play for the 3rd time in this tournament while Abby Crow plays for the 4th. “When I first started this tournament I was a scared Freshman that had very little varsity or high school basketball experience at all,” mentioned Abby Crow.

Playing in Waverly is playing on a home court. The girls take pride in playing there and play their best when they do. The team also plays in three other tournaments one that takes place in North Greene, one in Maroa-Forsyth, and one in Carlinville. “I like to play in all our tournaments but the Turkey Tournament is the best because we get to host it. Playing in a tournament that we host gives us the full experience and enjoyment,” mentioned Abby Crow.

Together all three girls can agree that playing in front of all the fans and playing on a home court is the best part about the Turkey Tournament experience.