Gobbling up those Black Friday deals

Bethany Bergschneider, Editor

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, then up next—up already, according to some—is Christmas. Christmas means giving, giving means buying gifts, and buying gifts requires holiday shopping—which is kicked off on Black Friday. 

Walmart, one of the hottest spots for Black Friday shopping, has many deals out this year. According to Forbes, many of these are on technology, with reduced prices for iPhones, tablets, AirPods, and TVs. Target and Amazon’s deals mainly center around technology as well. 

Technology-related items are some of the hottest gifts to shop and compete for in stores. “If I have to be honest, watching people fight over stuff is pretty great. Walmart had these Chromebooks last year on sale, and within a minute after they unwrapped it and let people go, they were all gone. It was ridiculous. It’s crazy how people get,” says junior Callie Hughes. 

Callie would consider herself to be a relatively hardcore Black Friday shopper because she goes every year. “We usually hit Jacksonville first, so Walmart, JCPenney, and Dunhams. Most of the time we don’t get stuff at Dunhams, but we go just to go. Then we go to Springfield and hit Menards or anywhere else we want to go.”

Mollie Allen, who works at JCPenney in Jacksonville, has an inside perspective on Black Friday shopping. “We’re open all day on Thanksgiving, then we close from around midnight to eight or nine and re-open on Black Friday. I work late at night on Thanksgiving then early the next morning on Black Friday.” 

Although this is the first time Mollie will have worked Black Friday, she’s heard stories. “One year, these people got into a fight back in Home and Furniture where all our pots and pans are and they pushed each other up against them and all the pans fell.” Some might stray away after hearing a story like this, but Mollie is excited. “When we’re busy, it goes by quickly, and we’ll be busy.”

As far as deals go at JCPenney, Mollie specifically mentioned jeans, pots and pans, and shirts as part of the sales. 


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