‘Frozen 2’ enchants audiences around the world

Megan Wilson, Staff Writer

Many people, especially younger children, cannot contain their excitement for the new movie “Frozen 2.” The first “Frozen” movie that came out was in 2013. Since then they have made Frozen Fever (2015) and Olaf’s Frozen Adventures (2017).

The first Frozen is rated 7.5/10 IMDb and “Frozen 2” is already at 7.3/10 IMDb. According to Box Office, “Frozen 2″ marks the biggest Thanksgiving showing ever for a Disney animated film after taking the crown from the first Frozen, which earned $93.7 million for the five days in 2013.  Directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, “Frozen 2″ finished Sunday with a domestic total of $287.6 million and a staggering $738.6 million come globally, including a second-weekend foreign gross of $163.8 million.

The iconic characters of “Frozen” are not just animated. According to an interview with the actors by Eric Eisenburg, they enjoyed every minute being together and always looked forward to recording more. When they started making the sequel, they were all excited to reconnect with the characters and also the actors, partly because they love filling children with happiness. According to “The Story Behind the Story of Frozen” on the website “Oh My Disney,” the film is generally based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale “The Snow Queen,” which was first published in 1845 . While the Disney version pulls from elements of the original fairy tale, the finished product is a largely original story.

In every movie there is a favorite character. While Elsa might be the popular choice because she is strong and fearless, Anna might also be the favorite because she is brave and stuck up for her sister when no one else would. However, Olaf, Kristoff, or even Sven could be contenders.


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