The newest social media sensation to ‘break’ the internet

Ella Prince, Staff Writer

If you hear the lyrics “renegade, renegade, renegade,” you might think of the dance from TikTok. Trendy dances paired with catchy songs–it’s hard not to be captivated. Since 2018, TikTok has become one of the biggest apps to break the internet. Users all over the world have downloaded this eye-catching, social media sensation and absolutely love it. Shockingly, Millennials aren’t the only generation using the app. Even Baby Boomers and those in Generation X are beginning to become interested in downloading it, too. It’s possible that a fear of missing out on popular culture is why people are hung up with this app. 

The history of the app is exceedingly different from other social media apps. It was created by a private technology firm, ByteDance. It is known by many to be “one of the most valuable private technology firms in the world(Kharpal). ByteDance was founded in 2012 by a young technology enthusiast, Yiming Zhang, who had originally named the app Musical.ly, but in November of 2017 users in the U.S. were surprised to see that it had been randomly changed to TikTok. “Perhaps the company’s most famous app is Douyin which was launched in 2016. ByteDance has an international version of the app called TikTok” (Kharpal). The app also is becoming the biggest grossing app as we know it with a total of $500 million as of the beginning of 2019.

The videos have been a huge hit in the app store. Callie Hughes, a junior at FHS, explained that she downloaded the app because she saw ads on Instagram and thought the videos were funny. She had heard of the app earlier but didn’t make an account until June of 2019. “The videos are funny because you can learn different dances and find new songs you never knew about,” Hughes stated. She also mentioned that there is a lot of content in such a short amount of time㇐the videos can either be 15 or 60 seconds long.

Hughes loves the joy of making and creating videos with her friends. “Making them with friends is one of the best parts about the app… sharing them and talking about them with each other is so fun.” Hughes explained that there are DIY’s and life hacks in addition to songs and dances. “I like how there isn’t just dances on there. You can actually learn stuff from the life hacks and DIYs㇐ it surprised me! The content is getting better and I’m really hooked on this app.” 

Millennials are not the only users of the app–older generations are getting hooked, too. A new user to the app, Natalie Prince, explained that the app is similar to an old app called Vine. “I used to see Vines on Facebook in different ads or videos people would share, they really cracked me up. The videos are super funny! The dog videos really make me laugh. Like, when they run in slow motion. HILARIOUS!” Prince did mention that the dances weren’t the reason she downloaded the app. “Yeah the videos of people dancing are cool, but not appealing to me. I think that the videos with dogs or just people doing funny and crazy things are better and funnier. I learned that if you keep old candles from Bath & Body Works, you can take them back and exchange them for new ones–life changing.” Contrary to what teenagers might think, life hacks are cool for older people, too. 

TikTok has become one of the trendiest apps worldwide and is continuing to grow. Because it updates every day with thousands of new videos, users will have a hard time being bored with the content. 


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