Cody’s dream ride


Thaddeus Bergschneider, Staff Writer

This year, as always, underclassmen at Franklin CUSD 1 eagerly wait for their sixteenth birthday. Of course, this excitement comes from the milestone that turning sixteen represents to all teenagers. Age sixteen marks the year when students are able to attain their driver’s license and are given the ability to enjoy the resulting freedoms. Cody Spencer, a sophomore who turned 16 on January 26, is just as eager for his license as anyone, if not more. 

You obviously can’t drive without a vehicle, but luckily Spencer has already found his vehicle: “A 1996 Dodge Dakota. I bought it from one of my grandparent’s friends.  They had it for sale and it was just cheap, so I bought it.” However, he isn’t looking to just try to maintain his truck the way he bought it. “I’m planning to get bigger wheels and tires, I got a new radio that I’m putting in this or next weekend, a couple subwoofers for the back, and probably a lift kit and some wheel spacers.” Spencer’s dad sparked an interest in Spencer for auto mechanics and the goal of trying to get and then improve a vehicle a while ago. “Well, my dad had always had a cool looking truck, so I mean that kind of helped a little bit, and then I realized that you can add stuff to make them bigger and cooler.”

Codey Smith, a fellow student at Franklin CUSD 1, looks at his truck as more than just transportation, just like Spencer. “I’ve done ball joints, tires, I did some motor work, and put a rear end in it,” Smith explained. Both Spencer and Smith know first-hand the amount of time that is necessary to invest in vehicles. “The rear end took a couple days, the windshield took a day, motor work took a couple of days or so, and the ball joints took hours.”

When Spencer is not playing basketball or assuming his duties as an FFA officer, he says that he uses all his spare time to find parts for his truck. Actions speak louder than words and Spencer is a man of his word. After finishing the interview, he quickly pulled out his laptop and started watching a video on building a truck engine.

Here’s a fair warning to all citizens of Franklin: if you see a 1996 Dodge Dakota driving around in a few weeks you’ll know who it is and all the hours of work (or maybe play) that the driver has put into it.