Bleeding to help the community


Bethany Bergschneider, Editor

Bloodmobile. At first, it might sound like something out of a vampire movie, but it’s not at all sinister. The blood drives hosted through the Illinois Blood Center, and four times a year in Franklin, are crucial to healthcare. 

According to the Red Cross, someone in the United States will need blood every two seconds. In addition, one blood donation can benefit up to three people. However, there are benefits to blood drives beyond the immediate effect of saving lives. 

“I think it shows the students what it’s like to give back to people not only in your community, but outside of your community. When we donate blood, we’re giving blood to people all over the state of Illinois, not just in Franklin. I also think it helps them to see that they can do extraordinary things and be part of a bigger picture while going to school,” NHS sponsor Ms. Isaacks said.

If giving blood is so beneficial, then why are there usually around 15 donors in a high school with many more people who are eligible? Some are unable to give for health or other personal reasons. Also, many students aren’t opposed to giving blood, but other responsibilities—specifically sports—get in the way. Athletes that have games and practices are sometimes unable to give because of the effects of blood donation, which can prevent them from doing physical activity that day. However, the students that are able to give have had positive experiences and encourage others to do so. 

“It’s just a small prick in the beginning, and after about a minute, you forget the needle is even there,” says senior Tayson Neely. “It’s pretty relaxing. It’s a way for you to help another person out and it doesn’t cost anything for you to do so.”

 Senior Kim Franklin agrees. “I feel like it’s helping a lot of people. If you have a chance and are able to do so, it’s a really good opportunity.”

Ms. Isaacks would like to increase awareness for blood drives and has a few ideas for how to do so. “I’ve seen other schools that have yard signs outside. I think that the NHS members could get flyers around the community and building a little more than we have in the past.”

FHS hosts four blood drives each year, placed periodically throughout the seasons. Obviously, the goal for each of these drives is to collect as much blood as possible. The blood drives are not limited to FHS students and staff. Anyone in the community who is eligible to give is welcome. “Our best and biggest turnout was in September of 2018. We had a lot of NHS members who called people outside of our donor list, which meant we had a lot of new people come in and donate,” says NHS sponsor Ms. Isaacks. 

The next blood drive, the last of this school year, will be on April 8. The drive goal is 17 units of blood, but if we donate 20 units or more, FHS receives a $200 scholarship to be given to a senior. 


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